What is Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean Stud Poker, which originated as ‘Casino Poker’ or ‘Tropical Poker’ in the Eighties – depending on whose account you choose to believe – is a straightforward variant of Five-Card Stud Poker. However, unlike Five-Card Stud, Caribbean Stud is played, solely, against the house, so bluffing is impossible. Multiple players may play simultaneously against the house, but collusion is prohibited. Lovers of real money online pokies, will be well aware of this and other variants.

Each player makes a forced or ‘ante’ bet and, optionally, an optional $1 side bet, the majority of which is added to a progressive jackpot meter. To win some, or all, of the progressive jackpot, a player must have a hand of a flush or better; a royal flush pays 100% of the progressive jackpot.

Each player, including the dealer, is dealt five cards, face down, although the dealer turns the fifth and final card in his hand face up. Each player may fold, in which case he loses his ante bet, and side bet, if he made one, or make a raise bet, of twice his ante bet. When the action reaches the dealer, he turns over his remaining four cards and requires at least an ace and a king to ‘open’ his hand, or ‘qualify’.

If the dealer fails to qualify, each player wins his ante bet, which pays even money, and ties, or ‘pushes’, on his raise bet. However, if the dealer does qualify, he may or may not beat each player. If the dealer wins, the player loses his ante and raise bets and, if the dealer loses, the player wins his ante bet, at even money, and his raise bet, at odds according to the pay table; if the dealer and player tie, ante and raise bets push. Hopefully this overview willpique your interest in this and other casino games and venues such as casinoclic blackjack en ligne . Have fun and just as importantly, be lucky!