What happens if you’re caught cheating in a casino?

Exactly what happens if you’re caught cheating in a casino depends, to some extent, on the geographic location of the casino – and, hence, the local, regional or national laws in operation – and the seriousness of the cheating. However, in any event, if you’re suspected of cheating, you’re likely to be detained and questioned by casino staff. In Las Vegas, for example, suspected cheats can be detained, for a reasonable length of time, under reasonable conditions, if there is probable

Similarly, you can expect to be relieved, sooner or later, of any winnings obtained illegally, or improperly. In Las Vegas, it is legal for a casino to confiscate any such winnings and you could also be charged with a felony, the penalty for which is a fine of up to $10,000 and/or up to six years’ imprisonment. In Britain, the Gambling Act made cheating in casinos a criminal offence and, depending on the circumstances of the cheating, you could also be charged under the Fraud Act and/or the Identity Fraud Act. These pieces of legislation make securing convictions for cheating in casinos easier than was once the case and, if convicted, you could be looking at a lengthy custodial sentence, as well as having any winnings confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

If you’re caught cheating, a casino will probably record your details in a ‘Black Book’, officially known as the ‘List of Excluded Persons’, which, depending on the location, is shared with the local gaming commission and/or other licensed gaming establishments in the area. Once your name is on the list, you’re effectively blacklisted and banned from entering the casino(s) involved for life.