The Best Casino Gambling Secrets

The book 1000 Best Casino Secret by Bill Burton remains the best guide that contains the top tips. These tips have been spread out and over 16 chapters consisting of gambling related subjects are available. And if you are aspiring to win real money at your favourite casino online, this guide will be the best manual to use.

We are going to reference our tips to the 1000 Best Casino Secret book so that you will realise how authentic this guide is. At the same time, it must be a reliable source for you to play casino games and win real money.

Chapter 1 – Play Like a Pro: How Casinos are Run

The Casinos Host works together with the marketing team so that they are able to bring players and keep them happy as they are gambling. Sometimes you don’t have to be a high roller to request for a comp, simply go ahead and try it. One of the worst things they can do is deny you the comp by saying no.

Chapter 2 – Great Expectations: Odds, Probabilities and House Edge

The only thing that will always separate gaming from other means of entertainment is that gambling always keeps you happy. Instead of spending money in some entertainment hubs, at online gambling there is a chance for you to win money instead of spending it rather.

Chapter 3 – Dollars and Sense: Money Management

According to, they say you must lways avoid playing at the limits you cannot afford. In case you only have $100, avoid playing at a $25 table or a dollar slot machine. The main aim is making your money last. If you go for a one short long losing streak, you will lose all the money and you will be left with insufficient bankroll. One thing to remember is that, there is no shame in playing lower limit games at the best casinos online of your choice.

Is Your Online Casino Gambling Activity Private?

Well you might want to believe that your activities on the internet are private. When it comes to online gambling, this is true. You do not want –your gambling activities tracked by a third party also you do not want your banking details to be known. Casinos such as americancasinosites online casino take privacy seriously.

The browser is the first line of defence when it comes to internet use. Mo0st browsers are now offering private browsing.

Privacy Vulnerabilities

IP Addresses do not keep secrets. The internet browser uses system processes that it does not control. If you access a certain IP Address, your computer may have a record of accessing that IP Address and that IP Address also has a record of you accessing it.

There are internet trackers who get information about you, they get the information though things like cookies, fingerprints and tracking beacons. If you want to see all the information that the website you have accessed has taken you can do that through your browser. Go to settings and select advanced settings then content settings, click see all cookies and finally site data. You can do this if you are using Chrome.

How Browsers Protect Your Privacy

Browsers have a private mode that hides your browsing history. A number of browsers offer this feature.

Google Chrome

Chrome added its privacy feature in 2008. The feature is called incognito. To activate the feature press Ctrl-Shift-n. A new incognito browser will open, all your browsing history will not be saved. Even when you are playing slot machines also known as machine à sous en ligne in French, your game activity will not be saved.


Opera has had private browsing since 2010. If you use the private window and close it, it will clear all of your browsing history as well as cached items. Once the browser is closed, it will not appear in the recently closed list on the tab menu.


It was the first to offer private browsing in 2005. The browser will not record your auto-fill sessions, it will not record your history and it does not store your open webpages in the cloud.

Are Online Slots Better on Mobile or Desktop?

Whilst there are advantages to playing slots online in either format, a lot of it comes down to personal preference when it comes to making the overall decision. The main question seems to be whether you prefer the convenience of the mobile slot because it is always with you, either in your pocket or bag, or do you prefer the size of the screen that desktop online slot games offer so that you can see more of the finer details included in the game you’ve chosen?

However you like to play online slots UK, there is the perfect solution with all of your gaming needs catered for. You just need to have a little scout around and see what you can find. But let’s take a look at what the real pros and cons are of both options and if there is an alternative.

Playing Online Slots on your Desktop

The older of the two options for playing online slots is that of desktop playing and this was and still is popular because of the speed at which online slots games can be played because of their direct access to the internet. They are played in one location which for many is a real pro because it stops them from playing in multiple locations and therefore limits their play automatically and, in turns, limits their possibility of becoming addicted to online slots gaming.

The most popular reason that desktops are used for UK online slots play is due to the size of the screen which really promotes the visibility of the game in question. This can either be linked to the smaller details of a game, the background or the characters included, but either way, it gives an overall more inclusive game playing experience. It is also much better for those who have eyesight issues or older players, too.

Why Play Online Slot on your Mobile?

As life is now so busy with us all rushing everywhere all the time, we never seem to be in one place for long enough to be able to enjoy a great deal of downtime to enjoy online slots games from a desktop. Though this relates more to the younger generations and into the workers of the world, the majority of slots games players want to be able to multi-task and that’s why mobile slots games have been so popular.

They have enabled us to play as we move around, on the go, travelling, commuting, waiting for our next activity or meeting to begin. We have taken to the mobile slots gaming method because they are always so easily accessible and convenient. We the acquisition of apps, we now use mobile slots in any location we want to, even without internet access.

Tablet Slots Games

There is a middle ground between the ease and convenience of the Smartphone and the screen size and visibility of the desktop, and this is when online slots games are played on tablets. This enables players to have use of a screen larger than a Smartphone but still have the convenience of being able to play slots online wherever they are because they can transport their tablets to any locations with great ease.

Tablets are taken to many different locations, such as commuting, travelling and in the home, so this opens up even more options for the savvy slots player than just being limited to Smartphones or desktops. If they download apps suitable to their tablets, players of online slot games don’t even need internet access to be able to participate in their favourite online slot either.

Final Thoughts on Mobile or Desktop Online Slots Gaming

Really, there is not a straightforward answer to this question because it depends completely on what your personal situation is. If you are someone who spends a great deal of time in one particular location and a larger screen is of great importance to you, then playing online slots on a desktop is probably the better online slots gaming method for you.

Alternatively, if you are on the go all the time or spend little time in one individual location, then it could be good to consider playing slots online with a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet. Screen size and transportation will probably choose which of these you will use more, but either is a good way of being able to play your favourite slots games UK from wherever you are and at any time you choose.

Which casino game offers the highest house edge?

The house edge is the integral mathematical advantage that a casino, or ‘house’, holds over the player in any game of chance. The house edge is the reason why a casino will always win, eventually, and the higher the edge the more profit the establishment can reasonably expect to make in the long-term. Some casino games, as a whole, and some aspects of others, offer a low house edge, but others – usually those that require little, or no, involvement or thought by the player – offer such a high house edge that they are best avoided by anyone bar the solely recreational, minimum-stakes player.

Astute casino gamblers may already be aware that the addition of a green triple-zero to a double-zero roulette wheel increases the house edge from 5.26% to 7.69%, but even triple-zero roulette pales into insignificance when compared with some of the worst culprits to be found on the casino floor. Slot machines, for example, are easy to play and typically offer a house edge between 2% and 15%; the problem occurs if you encounter a slot machine at the ‘tighter’ end of the scale, because the fast rate of play means that you can lose money hand over fist.

Worse still, though, is the Big Six, or Big Six Wheel, which is often positioned front and centre in a casino and manned by an attractive, young employee in an effort to part customers from their hard-earned cash. That isn’t too difficult, with the lowest house edge available, under Las Vegas Rules, standing at 11.11% and the highest at 24.07%. Keno, in which players pick a few numbers and bet on them in lottery style, is another lucrative money-spinner, for the casino, offering a house edge between 25% and 40%.

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