Roulette Advice that you Should Consider

Roulette has been in existence since 1996. Roulette is a good game despite its high house edge of 5.26%. People often say the game is bad due to its high house edge which is not true at all. Let us explore why this bad reputation about Roulette is not true.

Where Does the Roulette House Edge come From

Well since the house edge is the centre of debate among some gamblers we should look at where it comes from.

Firstly, all casino games have house edges because that is where casinos get money, without it casinos would be broke.

A casino edge is a mathematical calculation of how much advantage the casino has over the player. The odds of winning in this game are 37 to 1. It’s still the same odds as sports betting, you can read more at

European and American Roulette: the Difference

The main difference between European and American Roulette is the number of 0s on the wheel. The European Roulette has 37 total numbers with only one of them being green. As a result the house edge is intensely reduced.

Do Not Play at a Double Zero Roulette Wheel

If you want to play the game, you should play a game with better odds. Make use of online casinos because they do not usually have the double zero Roulette wheel.

Some casinos will not tell you this information so it is up to you to learn all about the games that you play at bestunitedstatescasinos online casino for example.

Know your Risk Tolerance

You should know whether you like low volatility games or volatile casino games. A volatile game is one that pays off less frequently. So this means the casino will payout higher amounts to compensate for the less frequent pay offs.

The volatility depends on which bets you place. The most volatile bet you can make is a single number bet, the bet wins less than 3% of the time but when it does hit, you will get 35 to1. It is a different story i9f you bet on even money bets.

Popular Weird Slot Machines Superstitions You Need to Know

Do you believe in superstitions? Are you amongst the people who believe in the prospect of having bad luck after breaking a mirror? Well, the truth is you haven’t seen or heard anything yet. If you visit a casino you are bound to discover more superstitions that will leave you spellbound in a short space of time.

Gamblers can be very superstitious humans and you will be very shocked with some of the things that they consider. This piece will take a look at some of the common ones. It is up to you to consider or if there is any merit in those superstitions.

Standing Up

If it happens that you find a seat at the front of real money slot machines at online casinos like bestusacasinosites, there is a belief that you will win if you play slot games standing rather than sitting down.

To this belief slot machines will know that you are too comfortable hence they will give you a losing streak rather than a winning one. But the truth is that, your winning chances remains the same whether you are standing or you are playing sitting down.

Hot and Cold Coins

Most slot machines players carry a belief that your winning will increase by playing using hot coins. Therefore, for that reason you will see most players rubbing their coins before they insert them inside the slot machine. At the same time, there are also other people who believe that inserting cold coins will also enable them to win big in prizes.

But either way, it is a myth, these slot machines offer games of chance. Therefore, all you need is a little bit of lucky to win at online casinos for real money or at land-based casinos.

Above all, it will always come down to lucky really. All you need to win real money is lucky and a little bit of gaming strategy.

iPhone or Android, Which Is Better?

When shopping for the best smartphone, it can be quite overwhelming trying to pick from several operating systems. Most people will opt for the prominent iPhone or Android phones. Both devices offer great features and one can be better in one function or another. These two have existed for several years, and both have upgraded their features over time. However, each of these operating systems has its advantages and disadvantages.

There might be several reasons why you might pick one for them. For instance, for those who enjoy playing games at online casinos, you may want a smartphone that supports slots real money. Android might be better in terms of affordability, versatility, and customization, but there are also some reasons why users might be hooked on the iPhone. Let us look at the strengths and features of each system and find out which is better.

Availability of Apps

Android uses Google Play while the iPhone uses Apple Store. It is said that the Google store holds millions of applications, and this number is bigger than that for the iPhone. But even though the iPhone has a massive applications library, the users cannot get third-party apps, which will allow you to do much on Android. This means you can get better tweaked or modified versions of apps like Youtube and Instagram and games too.

Other third-party apps you can benefit from include keyboards, web browsers, and media players. You also do not have to jailbreak your device to get such apps. But you should be aware of such software since they are mostly considered insecure. Apple is too strict when it comes to applications while Androids are a bit lax. The bottom line is that both Android and iPhone have a variety of apps, best for that specific phone.

Software Updates

iPhones get quicker and regular software upgrades unlike Androids, which are often delayed and happen less frequently. Besides, Android users may never get notifications about such upgrades, and they might miss out on them and end up not updating their phones. This is where iPhone wins since when iOS updates are released, they occur on all iOS devices. There might be exceptions for the older versions maybe three years back, even so Apple upgrades on older versions are way better than those on Androids.


One big advantage of iPhones is that they come with lots of accessories to make your life better, unlike Androids. You may not only select iPhone cases but also screen protectors, car mounts, and smartwatches among other goodies. In short, the user never lacks when it comes to iPhone accessories. It’s competitor, on the other hand, does not have plenty of options.

Intelligent Assistant

If any smartphone users were asked which assistant is better, most will stick to Siri simply because it is the most popular one. But Siri is mostly used on iPhone while Android uses Google Assistant. There is no way you can compare these two since they are all upgraded in every new version.

However, the Google Assistant is more powerful as it can even notify its user much earlier if there is traffic among other advanced tasks. Siri, on the other hand, is meant for simpler tasks and you can also download it on Android devices.

User Experience

People want a phone that is user-friendly and allows customization. Android phones are better at personalization as it allows its users to set apps anywhere on the screen. The home screen launcher on Androids offers widgets for application shortcuts, something you will not find on iPhone. Users can also swap their Android phone’s launcher into something more interesting according to personal preference.

Expandable Storage

Smartphone users have a lot to store nowadays, and you cannot solely depend on the devices storage capacity. That is why another amazing benefit of having Android phones is that you can expand the device’s storage size by using a microSD card. This ensures you do not slow down your Android just because you have piled up images, songs, apps, and other media. Instead, you can move some of these files into the MicroSD card.

However, the iPhone does not offer such a feature, and you will have to pay some dollars to expand your storage. But why spend a couple of dollars when you purchase the handset and then add other dollars for extra storage when you can have it at a much cheaper and hassle-free price for sizeable external storage?

Bottom Line

So between Android and iPhone, which one is better? Both operating systems have their pros and cons, and the choice will remain to what you feel comfortable with. Having an iPhone means your experience will be much advanced and convenient. You will also get tons of accessories. Owning an Android, on the other hand, means more software options and personalized experience. In general, the choice is more about your habits and priorities.

How does single zero roulette compare with the double and triple zero versions?

The simple answer is very favourably, indeed. Single-zero roulette, also known as ‘French’ or ‘European’ roulette, is the standard, traditional form of the game outside the United States. As the name suggests, single-zero roulette is played with a wheel consisting of 37 numbered pockets, including a single green zero. The true mathematical odds against, say, a single-number bet are 36/1, but the payout is just 35/1, which creates a house edge of 2.7%. Of course, the same house edge applies to so-called ‘outside’ bets on combinations of numbers, including red/black, odd/even and so on.

By contrast, double-zero roulette, often known as ‘American’ roulette because of its prevalence in the United States, is played on a wheel with 38 numbered pockets, including a green single-zero and a green double-zero. The addition of the extra pocket increases the mathematical odds against a single-number bet to 37/1, but the payout is still only 35/1, which increases the house edge to 5.26%. This long-term advantage over players is not only 2.56% higher than single-zero roulette, but also higher than most other casino table games.

Worse still, triple-zero roulette, which was introduced, as ‘Sand Roulette’, at The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip in October, 2016, is played on a wheel with 39 numbered pockets, including a green single-zero, a green double-zero and a green triple-zero. Payouts, though, remain identical to those for single-zero roulette, increasing the house edge to an eye-watering 7.69%, with no advantage to players other than, possibly, a lower table minimum stake.

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