What is Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean Stud Poker, which originated as ‘Casino Poker’ or ‘Tropical Poker’ in the Eighties – depending on whose account you choose to believe – is a straightforward variant of Five-Card Stud Poker. However, unlike Five-Card Stud, Caribbean Stud is played, solely, against the house, so bluffing is impossible. Multiple players may play simultaneously against the house, but collusion is prohibited. Lovers of real money online pokies, will be well aware of this and other variants.

Each player makes a forced or ‘ante’ bet and, optionally, an optional $1 side bet, the majority of which is added to a progressive jackpot meter. To win some, or all, of the progressive jackpot, a player must have a hand of a flush or better; a royal flush pays 100% of the progressive jackpot.

Each player, including the dealer, is dealt five cards, face down, although the dealer turns the fifth and final card in his hand face up. Each player may fold, in which case he loses his ante bet, and side bet, if he made one, or make a raise bet, of twice his ante bet. When the action reaches the dealer, he turns over his remaining four cards and requires at least an ace and a king to ‘open’ his hand, or ‘qualify’.

If the dealer fails to qualify, each player wins his ante bet, which pays even money, and ties, or ‘pushes’, on his raise bet. However, if the dealer does qualify, he may or may not beat each player. If the dealer wins, the player loses his ante and raise bets and, if the dealer loses, the player wins his ante bet, at even money, and his raise bet, at odds according to the pay table; if the dealer and player tie, ante and raise bets push. Hopefully this overview willpique your interest in this and other casino games and venues such as casinoclic blackjack en ligne . Have fun and just as importantly, be lucky!

Mega Moolah, The Highest Paying Online Slot

When laypeople hear the words slot machines, they associate them with sirens going off on a casino floor, as electro-mechanical devices spit out coins and signs flash above people’s heads. Well, reel-spinners are not all about jackpot prizes, but that’s their most popular sub-genre, as everyone hopes for massive rewards on these games of chance.

Jackpot slots come in two forms, ones that offer fixed rewards and those that provide progressive ones. The latter are the games that yield those massive wins that you read about in the newspaper, and in the world of online slots, there is no progressive title more famous than Mega Moolah, Microgaming’s jackpot monster.

First launched in November of 2006, Mega Moolah has broken every record in the iGaming sphere, and it’s now busier with topping itself than the virtually non-existent competition. In 2018 alone, this highest paying slot ever cashed out over $30 million in prizes, including a $21.7 million jackpot to an anonymous gambler, marking the industry’s online record. Over the past decade, it has paid out numerous prizes over $10 million and has made four millionaires in 2020 so far.

Most Mega Moolah wins come in the form of its three smaller jackpot prizes, the Mini, Minor, and Major one.

The Mega is the one you read about, and it has a $1 million seed, which means that after someone claims the top prize, the winning amount resets to $1 million, and it begins growing again. The Moolah prize pool grows via bets placed on all platforms that house the game, and it also shares it with its sister-slots, top-paying titles such as Major Millions, The Dark Knight, and Mega Moolah Isis.

Where to Play

If you are a casual slot enthusiast or someone that’s looking to get in on some reel spinning for the first time, then reading the numbers above has likely piqued your interest. How could it not? Since we have established that this is a reel-spinner that changes people’s lives, the next step is to locate slot casinos that host the game, where you can play it to see if you are among the lucky few whose pockets it will line with some moolah.

888 Casino is the first licensed online casino in the United States. Formerly known as Casino-on-Net, it is one of the oldest casino platforms on the internet, with roots dating back to 1997. It is part of the public company 888 Holdings, which also has online gambling brands in spheres such as poker, sports betting, and bingo. You can find Mega Moolah on their casino site. 888 Holdings is a highly reputable company, and you should encounter zero difficulty withdrawing massive amounts if you happen to land such prizes.

Other quality platforms where you can play the game include Spin Palace Casino, Jackpot City Casino, and Betway. The latter is well-known, and it sponsors top soccer clubs from England and Spain. All of these are terrific options and should provide generous promotional offers. Know that there’s a $20 no deposit bonus at 888 Casino, on top of a percentage matching welcome offer, that can give you bonus funds of up to $500.

Sadly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a bonus code that will give you access to free playing funds for a chance to land the Mega Moolah jackpot. Promo deals that provide free spins do so on specific games, and they have max bet limits. Furthermore, they often feature caps on how much you can win using bonus funds. However, you can take advantage of free-playing funds to spin the reels of other real money slots so that you can finance your gaming adventure en route to the biggest prize of them all, the Mega Moolah jackpot.

None of the mentioned sites above utilize coupon codes, and you should gain access to their offers without needing one. That said, always be on the lookout for promo codes. Sign up for casino newsletters, and browse them. Such beneficial ciphers may pop-up there and get you access to exclusive deals.

Mega Moolah Slot Review

With so much talk about one of the best titles in online gaming history, let’s do a quick rundown and review this jackpot juggernaut.

Released in 2006, Moolah bears the nickname the Millionaire Maker. It has an African safari theme, with cartoon visuals. Microgaming’s most famous title features the classic five-reel, three-row grid layout and has twenty-five paylines.

Because this is a progressive game, its RTP is far lower than the industry average and stands at 88.12%. Progressive slots have significantly lower return-to-player payout percentages because they need funds to build up the main prize. However, surprisingly enough, unlike other such titles, Moolah is a medium variance game. That means that you can expect smaller wins with some degree of regularity, as compared to high-paying competitors, which rarely give out small prizes.

As previously discussed, this title has four jackpot prizes, each with its seed level. The mini jackpot seed is $10, the Minor one is $100, the Major is $10,000, and the Mega Jackpot one is $1 million. The average timeframe in which the game yields a Mega Jackpot reward is around ten weeks. Note that this number varies greatly year-to-year. In 2017, it produced twelve such massive wins, while the previous record was only six.

The low-paying symbols in the game are your classic royals, while the high-paying ones are animals indigenous to the planes of Africa. The lion, king of the jungle, is the Wild, and he replaces all symbols except for the Scatter, which is a Monkey symbol. When a Wild is a part of a winning combo, he automatically doubles the payout. Landing three Scatters will lead you inside the Free Spins Bonus Round, and you’ll get fifteen free spins to start. If you land three more Scatters inside this mode, you will get an additional fifteen free spins.

Bet sizes range here from $0.25 to $6.25, and the max exposure is x11,250. Naturally, the max exposure tells you what you can win in the base game, and it does not relate to the Mega Jackpot prize.

To Wrap Up

There is no doubt that you can find more entertaining slots out there that feature superior gameplay and graphics. Microgaming’s landmark title is an old one, and times have changed. That said, it’s still the industry’s powerhouse when it comes to paying out life-altering prizes.

People do not spin reels for pocket change, but with dreams that things will never be the same once they hit a winning combo. As long as this mindset remains and gamblers’ attitudes do not alter, Mega Moolah will continue to dominate the big win landscape, maintaining itself at the top of the jackpot mountain.

What does a pit boss do?

In land-based casinos, gaming tables for blackjack, craps, roulette and other games are typically arranged, back-to-back, in groups or ‘pits’ on the gaming floor. As the title suggests, the pit boss is the person who oversees the operation of a particular pit. This of course isn’t the case in the virtual world of the best casino sites online. The pit boss has numerous responsibilities, not least the supervision of all the games in the pit, including dealers and other personnel, to ensure that they run smoothly, according to the policies of the casino and the regulations of the jurisdiction in which it operates.

The pit boss can open and close gaming tables in response to demand, staffing levels and availability and move staff around to create the best possible gaming experience for players. Indeed, the pit boss is heavily involved in customer service, meeting and greeting players, answering questions, resolving disputes quickly and fairly and generally ensuring that players are happy and comfortable. Indeed, this may extend to opening lines of credit or offering ‘comps’, such as free drinks, meals and hotel rooms to winning players as an enticement to stay in the casino and keep playing.

The pit boss must account for all the money entering, or leaving, the pit while he or she is on duty, so must be constantly aware of the security risks posed by so-called ‘advantage players’, such as card counters, and just plain, out-and-out cheats. Again tasks that don’t apply to online casinos like https://www.casinosonline-canada.ca/ .   Of course, dealers and other pit personnel may be guilty of dishonesty, either of their own volition or in collusion with players, so the pit boss really does need eyes in the back of his head.

Who invented the video slot machine?

Of course, nowadays, video slot machines are ubiquitous in land-based and online casinos worldwide. Check out any high roller casino, and you’ll understand this to be the case.  However, when the first such machine, ‘Fortune Coin’, was introduced in Las Vegas in 1975, it was viewed with more than a degree of scepticism. Dyed-in-the-wool slot players, accustomed to physical reels falling into line, under mechanical or electromechanical control, simply failed to believe that the new-fangled technology, with no moving parts at all, could possibly produce fair results and the Fortune Coin failed to take off as expected.

The inventor of the Fortune Coin was Walt Fraley, proprietor of the aptly-named Fortune Coin Company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Fortune Coin was a simple affair; it was a three-reel video slot, built around a modified 19” Sony Trinitron colour television set. ‘Reels’ no longer existed, in the physical sense, and were, in fact, video projections, the finishing positions were determined by a microprocessor and a random number generator (RNG). The Fortune Coin was brilliant in its simplicity and, despite its lukewarm reception, at least initially, by slot players, worked flawlessly.

Obviously, the graphical display of the Fortune Coin was crude by twenty-first century standards, but the potential of the design was recognised by William ‘Si’ Redd, founder of International Game Technology (IGT) and later known as the ‘King of Slot Machines’. A year or so after its original introduction, in 1976, IGT bought the patent for Fortune Coin from Fraley and used it as the basis several new, improved machines, including video poker machines, which further ushered in the age of the video slot. Of course, technology moves on and video slot technology can now been seen on any number of best online casinos around. Online or off, they’re as engrossing and exciting as ever!

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