Should you split a pair of ‘tens’ in blackjack?

In blackjack, tens are obviously valued at 10 points, but so are court cards or, in other words, kings, queen and jacks. Depending on the rules of the game in question, a pair of ‘tens’ could mean, literally, a pair of tens, a pair of kings, queen or jacks or, in some cases, a ten and a court card or two dissimilar court cards.

In any event, where splitting is allowed, the player can stand, with a hand valued at 20 points, or split his cards into two hands, each with a starting value of 10 points. Some players split a pair of ‘tens’ regardless of the upcard the dealer shows, while others so only if the upcard is one of the weakest possible, such as a five or a six.

However, splitting not only not only doubles your outlay, but also significantly reduces your chances of winning. In a standard game of blackjack, in which cards are dealt from a six-deck shoe and the dealer stands on ‘soft’ 17, the probability of winning if you stand on 20 is 83%. By contrast, in the same game, if you split a pair of ‘tens’ – and thereby run the risk of winding up with two hands both worth less than 20 – the probability of winning each split had us just 63%. In simple terms, unless you are an accomplished card counter and the ‘true’ count is at least +4, the mathematically correct decision is always to stand on a pair of ‘tens’.

Trends expected to play out in the online slot industry

We’re already in the middle of 2020 and folks who specialize in the casino business can’t help but think about what the next decade has in store for the industry. 

Advancements in technology have played a part in the evolution of the industry thus far, and this is set to continue. Regardless, there’s still a lot to look forward to, although the year has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The sector has experienced major growth in recent times due to the continuous innovations being put up by some of the key software developers in the industry such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil. However, folks can look forward to what the year still has in store by taking a look below.

  • More emphasis will be placed on mobile gaming 

Software developers in the industry will work towards bringing a good number of titles to mobile gaming platforms as their popularity continue to rise. 

Statistics have shown that this development will be the case in years to come and will see close to 50% of all online gaming being done via smartphones and tablets. This is undoubtedly an impressive figure, however, experts have projected that it will rise to 80% by the end of the year.

  • Improvements will be made to interactive bonus rounds 

The last five years have seen the slot industry sector undergo a dramatic overhaul although innovations are set to continue. Software developers won’t be keen to watch the products they offer stagnated but will put in more effort to make bigger and better slots with improved interactive bonus rounds as 2020 runs its full course.

The modification of interactive bonus rounds will ensure that players have more control over their experiences at an online casino and will be able to do this based on their preferences. This will subsequently increase gamification. Meanwhile, sites like have been working towards amazing bonuses for their players, do well to take advantage of their offers by visiting them to enjoy the amazing features they have on offer.

  • The industry will be diversified

The slot game sector will be affected by the fact that several countries have ventured into the arena. This ranges from the United States to nations in Europe, and they’ve all deployed new legislation that will allow their residents to engage in online gambling for the first time. 

This is one factor that developers will emphasize, going forward. Therefore, it’s likely that the available content will be tailored to the taste of a more diverse audience

  • Virtual Reality is getting set to become the new darling

This will be a major advancement and has resulted in a lot of excitement in the online slot industry. It is currently being explored and rumors early this year suggested that the top developers in the industry were already allocating resources towards giving it a try.

They plan to introduce it to the market very soon with the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt having a reputation for venturing into such projects already on hand. 

NetEnt have gone a step further by introducing a functioning VR casino that is complete with slots and this is a pointer that more investments will be made in this area.

2020 will see a lot of exciting developments in the online slot industry. Although the year has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, the industry is expected to thrive and evolve as years go by.

What are blinds in poker?

In flop-style poker, such as Texas hold’em, blinds are compulsory bets placed by the two players to the left of the dealer or, in ‘button’ games, to the left of the button, or disk, which indicates the dealer position. Blinds are so-called because they are placed before players have seen their cards. Typically, there are two blinds, known as the ‘small blind’ and the ‘big blind’. The player in the small blind position, immediately to the left of the dealer button, places a bet equal to half, or approximately half, of the minimum bet. The player in the big blind position, immediately to his or her left, places a bet equal to the minimum bet. These bets, posted before the cards are dealt, seed the pot and trigger the action in a hand. Online casinos to play with no deposit bonuses can be found on this site .

The betting action begins with the player immediately to the left of the big blind position, a.k.a. ‘under the gun’, who may call, fold or raise, and so on around the table as far as the big blind, who is the last player to act pre-flop. If the pot is unraised, the big blind may check, in which case pre-flop betting comes to an end, or raise; obviously, folding the big blind in an unraised pot is a silly thing to do, as you effectively get to see a free flop. However, if a player has already raised, the big blind must call the raise, re-raise or fold. Casino options aplenty can be found on sites like . Note that in two-player, or ‘heads-up’, poker, the player on the button is the small blind and the other player is the big blind.

The Best Casino Gambling Secrets

The book 1000 Best Casino Secret by Bill Burton remains the best guide that contains the top tips. These tips have been spread out and over 16 chapters consisting of gambling related subjects are available. And if you are aspiring to win real money at your favourite casino online, this guide will be the best manual to use.

We are going to reference our tips to the 1000 Best Casino Secret book so that you will realise how authentic this guide is. At the same time, it must be a reliable source for you to play casino games and win real money.

Chapter 1 – Play Like a Pro: How Casinos are Run

The Casinos Host works together with the marketing team so that they are able to bring players and keep them happy as they are gambling. Sometimes you don’t have to be a high roller to request for a comp, simply go ahead and try it. One of the worst things they can do is deny you the comp by saying no.

Chapter 2 – Great Expectations: Odds, Probabilities and House Edge

The only thing that will always separate gaming from other means of entertainment is that gambling always keeps you happy. Instead of spending money in some entertainment hubs, at online gambling there is a chance for you to win money instead of spending it rather.

Chapter 3 – Dollars and Sense: Money Management

According to, they say you must lways avoid playing at the limits you cannot afford. In case you only have $100, avoid playing at a $25 table or a dollar slot machine. The main aim is making your money last. If you go for a one short long losing streak, you will lose all the money and you will be left with insufficient bankroll. One thing to remember is that, there is no shame in playing lower limit games at the best casinos online of your choice.

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