The Evolution of the Casino

Whether you love busting blackjack dealers or spinning roulette wheels, you know that nothing beats the thrills of the casino. Casinos have been entertaining gamblers for centuries. However, since the doors of the first casino opened in 1638, the casino – and the way we play casino games – has evolved phenomenally.

Early European casinos in areas like Baden Baden, Germany, and Monte Carlo, Monaco, were built more like palaces than gambling houses. Grand interiors, high-stakes gaming tables and elegant dress codes made them hugely popular with aristocrats and the upper classes throughout the 18th and 19th century.

The gambling scene across the pond remained far less glamorous during that time. The first casino on America soil didn’t open until 1931, when Nevada lifted a gambling ban that had formerly been imposed on every state. Vegas quickly became a hotspot for gambling tourism, attracting gamblers from all walks of life – not just the upper classes.

The Mafia were quick to cash in on Vegas’ popularity, using their influence to transform dingy casinos into all-singing-all-dancing casino resorts that drew big stars like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra to the strip. It pathed the way for the casino mega resorts we see there today.

You can find out more about the evolution of the casino by checking out the below infographic, brought to you by the bgo Slots Online Casino.

How strong is ace-king as a starting hand in Texas hold’em poker?

Ace-king – often known as ‘Big Slick, if suited, and ‘Big Ugly’, if not – is a strong, and therefore favourite, starting hand in Texas hold’em poker. Ace-king is, of course, a ‘drawing hand’ or, in other words, a hand that has the potential to become very strong indeed, but needs to hit the board in order to do so. Nevertheless, before the first three community cards, collectively known as ‘the flop’, are dealt, ace-king can be considered likely to win against any non-paired hand. The probability of ace-king beating, say, ace-queen is 71.62%. Indeed, even against any pair less than a pair of kings, the odds of winning with ace-king in the hole are still roughly 50:50.

Paired aces or kings are more problematic; paired aces reduce the probability of ace-king winning to just 5.86%, while paired kings reduce the probability to 29.74%. So, while ace-king is, no doubt, a valuable hand in Texas hold’em poker, its real value needs to be considered in the context of the position of the holder, the number of players in the game and their playing styles. Granted that ace-king will almost certainly lose if it fails to hit the board, it may be judicious to play the hand passively – that is, as a typical drawing hand – if you are facing, say, four or more opponents, but to play the hand aggressively in a heads up situation. If you fancy yourself as a poker pro in the making, the casino site list  is a great starting point, on your way proving your credentials!

Whether you’re playing in a casino setting, at home with your friends, or online or one of countless online casino options, remember, practice makes perfect! Have fun!

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