Live casino online – 5 reasons why it’s better than real-world casinos

More and more people are leaning towards comfortable playing in their homes or at the back of an Uber while commuting home from work, rather than spending loads of time casually rolling at a real-world casino. But is this experience of you having to play casino games live now at Casnoguru better than a real casino? Or is it the other way around? We sincerely think that live casino online is better and here are 5 reasons why.

  1. Play at your own convenience

Instead of having to adjust to the schedule of the casino (albeit most of them are open 24/7), play whenever you like. When you look at the schedules and working times of most real-world casinos, some of them can have just the slots open for the night without any card games or roulette, even. This is never an issue with online gaming as you have access to live casino all day and night. Besides, you can play whilst in bed, when watching TV, during a commercial break, or anytime else. You don’t need to spend time going there and getting ready.

  1. Use your mobile phone, tablet, or PC

Play casino games through your mobile phone, tablet, or PC, or seemingly any other device with internet access. This allows players the convenience of being able to play whilst riding at the back of an UBER, commuting on a train, or merely waiting for their metro line. It’s a much more convenient and accessible way of playing live games, slots, or casino games.

  1. Don’t spend too much time

This is still down to your own preferences, but real-world casinos use some tricks to prevent you from understanding what time is it inside and how much of have you spent inside the casino. Regardless of whether you want to spend a fixed amount of time in a real casino, there’re no clocks on walls nor any significant windows that show the time of day. This allows for a very immersive playing experience but can also sometimes ruin your day. When you’re at your computer or phone, you can always track the time you’ve spent with much more ease.

  1. Less distractions

Most real casinos also offer bar and restaurant services amongst other things. There are waitresses, other people who might be really loud or chew food, sports bettors that are also very vocal about their experiences. All of this can create a set of distractions that take away from the enjoyment of the whole playing aspect. When you’re at home, you can either blast music full sound or relax in complete silence, just how you like it. No distractions when not wanted – a core advantage for live casino.

  1. Choose from a wider variety of games

While not the case 100% of the time, more often than not, real world casinos have a smaller variety of games than online ones. That’s just the natural order because in order to host a lot of games, you need a lot of physical space. When online casinos have tens or hundreds of slots, your real casino might only have 10 or 20 different ones. This is also a major factor why people tend to lean towards online casinos more.