Is Your Online Casino Gambling Activity Private?

Well you might want to believe that your activities on the internet are private. When it comes to online gambling, this is true. You do not want –your gambling activities tracked by a third party also you do not want your banking details to be known. Casinos such as americancasinosites online casino take privacy seriously.

The browser is the first line of defence when it comes to internet use. Mo0st browsers are now offering private browsing.

Privacy Vulnerabilities

IP Addresses do not keep secrets. The internet browser uses system processes that it does not control. If you access a certain IP Address, your computer may have a record of accessing that IP Address and that IP Address also has a record of you accessing it.

There are internet trackers who get information about you, they get the information though things like cookies, fingerprints and tracking beacons. If you want to see all the information that the website you have accessed has taken you can do that through your browser. Go to settings and select advanced settings then content settings, click see all cookies and finally site data. You can do this if you are using Chrome.

How Browsers Protect Your Privacy

Browsers have a private mode that hides your browsing history. A number of browsers offer this feature.

Google Chrome

Chrome added its privacy feature in 2008. The feature is called incognito. To activate the feature press Ctrl-Shift-n. A new incognito browser will open, all your browsing history will not be saved. Even when you are playing slot machines also known as machine à sous en ligne in French, your game activity will not be saved.


Opera has had private browsing since 2010. If you use the private window and close it, it will clear all of your browsing history as well as cached items. Once the browser is closed, it will not appear in the recently closed list on the tab menu.


It was the first to offer private browsing in 2005. The browser will not record your auto-fill sessions, it will not record your history and it does not store your open webpages in the cloud.