How to Bet On Sports: A Beginner Guide

For the past few years, the unfolding of daily fantasy sports has led to a revival of art for conventional sports betting. The anti-gambling taint that has been in existence for many years is now fading away in most parts of the world. And this has opened the floor for massive multibillion-dollar legal sports betting industry.

This development has enabled most people to be interested in sports betting. And the same thing is also happening in online casino gambling and you can learn more at Many new players are joining online casino placing bets for real money gaming. However, if you are a novice to sports betting there are certain things you need to implement and look out for so that you experience the best in sports gambling. Here is a guide on sports betting if you are a beginner.


There are two different ways to bet in sports betting either you place your bets on. Either you place your bet on the underdogs or the favourite. Therefore, the first is the point spread. This is actually based on which team will cover. You need to keep this in mind. A favourite “gives” points, whilst underdogs “gets” points. For instance, Chelsea is 3-points favourites (-3) against Arsenal.

Therefore, if you place your bet on Chelsea they need to win by 3 goals or more. And if Chelsea wins by exact 3 goals it is called a “push”.

Over/Unders (Totals)

Furthermore, to set a line for the favourite and underdogs, oddsmakers will also set a total number of points that are scored in a particular game by both team combined. This process is called the “total” or the “over/under.” Bettors can simply place their bets on whether or not the game will go Over or Under the total.

For instance, as we’ve seen in many French casinos demonstrating, an NBA game between Lakers and Celtics might have a total of 215. Therefore you can either bet the over 215 or the Under 215. In the event that you bet on the Over 215 then the total points scored end up being 216 or even higher, you will win your bet. And if the total points scored are fewer like 214 or 213 you lose.