Gladiator Jackpot Winner

The biggest jackpot ever won by Slots Heaven is currently being celebrated. Only four days after signing up to the online casino, David from Kent won over £1,371,621.61 from winning the jackpot during his play on the Gladiator jackpot, a popular progressive slot at Slots Heaven.

Having won such a huge amount of money, Slots Heaven sent one of their VIP accounts managers to meet/present David with a giant cheque and see what he plans to do next. Awestruck, David said, “It’s a dream come true to win that much money. The first thing I’m going to do is give my kids a bit of money each.” David is a family man who only in his dreams had ever imagined winning a jackpot like this.

David and his family toured some of the local restaurants after the presentation of the cheque and meeting the account manager from Slots heaven. He had also decided to enjoy some celebratory drinks at a pub that he liked the look of afterwards. David had mentioned that his winnings at that particular moment had not been earmarked for anything long-term, but he doesn’t plan to spend them recklessly. He wants to look after this life-changing jackpot win properly and mainly use it to look after his family.

According to David, he has dealt with many online casinos in the past as he enjoys the entertainment aspect of online casinos, some of the casinos he has dealt with had not treated customers very well. Considering he had only been playing at Slots Heaven for about six weeks, he had found them to have friendly staff, they were always considerate, and above all, helpful .

The feeling of winning such a large amount of money is truly beyond his belief and he is extremely grateful for the life changing win.